Stewardship, a truly core value at Letterhead Press.

 View our Sustainability Brochure, revealing the secrets of how we are saving 1,400,000 kw /h of energy annually, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 1,000 metric tons annually.
Read the article in Site Selection to learn how we reduced our energy usage by $65,000 annually with the installation of energy-efficient “air turnover” systems that circulate and utilize ambient air, including the warm air that collects at the top of tall, open buildings.
Among the options for metallic effects, foil stamping is the sustainable choice.  To see how foil stamping compares to other metallic processes, in design possibilities, cost, and sustainability, download Foil Stamping – The Sustainable Solution.

Community.  Like many companies today, so many of our associates are actively giving back to the community.  We believe in our corporate community responsibility as well. We support House of Peace in Milwaukee, a Community Service of the Capuchin Friars, who minister to the poor, the hungry, and the homeless. Letterhead Press donates enough food to feed 150 plus families, both at Thanksgiving and at Easter every year.  We are also regularly involved in Father Gene’s help center who clothe the poor in Milwaukee.

Recycling.  We recycle 100 % of our scrap, from paper, to mylar, to plastic. We even recycle cores and banding straps.

Energy Efficiency.  Continuing energy audits have led to repeated investments in reducing our carbon footprint, thru both energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems. We are proud of our most recent energy capex, our Solar Panel Array.

Solar Power.  One of Wisconsin’s top 10  solar power installations, producing an average of 75% of our daily production requirements.  Read more…