H + M textures w foil 3

Increase visibility, and enhance your brand’s perception of quality. Hold your customers’ attention longer while they absorb the depth this element adds to your graphic design.   Whether a single level, or multi-level emboss, a variety of stocks, from smooth to heavily textured, show off this classic feature. This example shows both blind emboss, and combination stamping.

Enfamil ProSobee

There is no one best way to utilize foil stamping in the design. From a fine gold key-line around the brand name or logo, to bold eye-catching holographic dazzle, foil stamping enhances your ability to deliver your brand’s message, on the shelf, or right in your customers’ hands. Choose from a palette complimentary with your message: from satin golds and silvers, to bright golds and silvers. Consider accents in metallic colors, or color-changing spectral holographics that provide the effect of light moving across the motif.   Bring your own ideas, or involve our team to integrate these beautiful effects into your message.

Valspar close-up

The best of both. Add the eye-catching appeal of foil stamping to embossing, the classic signal of quality.